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Alright kids, being new to this forum I may have posted in the wrong spot so bear with me. I’ve got a 2006 Tomos Streetmate with 3000+ miles. I’ve been riding for about 2 years. I’ve finally started to make some upgrades and I have a few questions. First of all I’ve got the unipod air filter, Technigas exhaust as well as a carb kit.

I just ordered some drag bars and am planning on ordering some new grips today. I’m curious how difficult it’ll be to switch everything out from the old bar to the new. I don’t need to adjust cables they’ll be fine at their current length. But as far as the throttle side is concerned I’m worried it’ll end up being a pain in the arse to swap the right side out. I’ve got plenty of experiance with anything mechanically inclined but I’d like some input regarding the swap in general.

I’m also getting a 70cc Airsal Kit and most likely a big daddy torque sprocket. The guys at Steves Mopeds have been a huge help and my main supplier of parts. I’m topping out at around 37mph now. With the kit I’m sure I’ll gain more speed but with the sprocket I’ll lose some and gain the torque I need to get around the hills here and maybe even pop some wicked wheelies. Enough of the rambling, let the post wars begin.

Re: 06 Streetmate mod help

Considering that you need to "remove" the chain guard with the big daddy torque sprocket, why not heat up the plastic and bend it so it'll fit, at least that way you can keep the chain guard on.

Re: 06 Streetmate mod help

New drag bars installed, new grips, now all i need is my 70cc kit and maybe a new sprocket. I'm over 225 so as far as sprockets go, wtih the 67cc kit I was thinking of upping the rear sprocket so I get crazy take off and lose top speed which is ok, any ideas?


Re: 06 Streetmate mod help

Bruce Edwards /

Put the kit on first, then decide if you need a rear sprocket. I know you won't. You'll probably wanna go down to a 26 tooth or 24 tooth. I weigh 250 and have a 22 tooth. I need to race from corner to corner in Chicago.

Re: 06 Streetmate mod help

umm tomos is 2 speed = more low end. u should be able to pop wheelies with a kit and what gears u have on there now. unless u r geared really steep with no bottom end

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