LeoVince PA50

Can someone who hooked a LeoVince pipe to a Hobbit and left the engine stock tell me what number jet they had to up jet to. I just got the pipe in today and my bike tops at 30 on the straights stock so I don't want to kill a good motor once I put this on.

Re: LeoVince PA50

I hooked my LeoVince up to my stock PA50II and went from 26mph to 33mph. I haven't upjetted because the spark plug is still a nice tan/brown. Some people upjet, others don't. Check your plug. Honda's run rich stock to begin with.

Re: LeoVince PA50

Most of the time when you switch to a performance pipe, you would increase the jet size 2-6 places, depending on the pipe. Joe

Re: LeoVince PA50

If you are running everything else on the bike stock, you might not have to upjet. Just do your plug chops.

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