'85 Garelli Sport - Rated 30 mph, but getting 17

Hey All,

Awesome site. I just bought this new moped a couple of days ago. I think it is rated for 30mph, but my top speed is like 17 or 18.

I've read a couple of ways to get more speed, but I'm wondering if I should take a different approach because this lovely lady should be cruising along much faster with the stock layout.

I haven't done much yet... only removed a cap at the end of the exhaust because it seemed like everyone on this forum agrees that getting some airflow through the exhaust is a good thing.

Can anyone make some suggestions on how to get this moped up to her regular speed (or more)?

Best, Brad

Re: '85 Garelli Sport - Rated 30 mph, but getting

got a good picture of the engine? also, rear sprocket? with a garelli, one typically leaves that little guy in the exhaust, back pressure and what not.

Re: '85 Garelli Sport - Rated 30 mph, but getting

Hey. I added the photos and started a new thread with the photos in the question... it is here:


Thanks Zack

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