first real bike

hey everyone,

so im getting near the end of my summer project and I have a few questions.

when completed, i will have a:

case-matched e50

rebuilt motor

64 cc polini reed valve kit

16mm phbg carb w/ mallosi filter

tecno estoril exhaust

3 shoe clutch

I am wondering about what jets to start with, the best way to tune my carb, what kind of maintenance am i in for, and if you think i need to port match the kit as well.

This is the first time ive done anything like this, so I'm just kinda diving right in blindly. If there is anything im leaving out please let a brotha know.


Re: first real bike


Re: first real bike

If you want to get some ideas for jet sizes on that setup, check out the tuning spreadsheet (there's a link in the Performance Tuning category. )

Usually people tune their carbs by doing plug chops, but you can read all kinds of tuning info in the Two Stroke Tuner's Handbook (linked in above link as well).

Hopefully someone else can shed some light on the rest of your questions!

Re: first real bike

Might I add that you have done such an awesome job of making the wiki better, Linda!

Re: first real bike

Cool, thanks. Anybody else with any input?

Re: first real bike

Alot of plug chop... DIY.. thingy when it comes to tuning.

Re: first real bike

lee's anus is leefungchowOG /

yum, i had plug chops for dinner last night! happy polini.

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