hercules sprocket

Hey I just got a hercules and it needs a smaller rear sprocket. Is it possible to use a sprocket meant for a general? No? Any suggestions?

Re: hercules sprocket

the hercules (sachs) mags (both 7 star and snowflake) take standard italian Z sprockets. bj at handybikes has a bunch.

Re: hercules sprocket

yeah, these are not mags, they are spoked. My girlfriend has a foxi that takes standard lelue sprockets but the bolt pattern on the hercules is different.

Re: hercules sprocket

Mike Scouty McScoutington /

You need to have a dished sprocket to fit on that wheel. Shoot Chad burke an email, he hooked my herc up with a 36 tooth.

Re: hercules sprocket

dished? Like concave shaped?

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