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Ive got a an 87ish Trac olympic. It tops out at just about 30mph on the nose. Ive got a dellorto (clone) carb on it other than that its bone stock. What can I do to make it faster its kind of a rare bike I cant seem to find any kits or performance parts for it, its not like a puch or something where there are a ton of parts specifically made for it. Any suggestions on a reasonably priced exhaust that would fit or could be made to fit? Its got a Daelem engine with a miuto (or something like that) oil injection setup. I attached a couple picture if it helps any on thinking of an exhaust that would fit.

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Dialem engines are super awesome, but you can't really find bolt up performance for them. The cylinders are great for porting, and they are reed valve if I remember correctly. No real advice here, though, but they are awesome.

Devin from Motion Left Mopeds knows quite a bit about them.

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