looking to get a kit..need help

so i currently have a stock '75 Puch Maxi S, and i'm looking to get it going a little faster. i know a lot of people do a polini kit, but i was just looking for some input on what the best kit is for the value. also wanting to know where the cheapest place to order them is, or if anyone has one they'd like to sell.

also looking for some advice on other components, such as exhaust, intake and carb etc etc.


Re: looking to get a kit..need help

You'd probably do better to start off with a performance exhaust, new (bigger) carb/intake, and high-flow air filter. If those three modifications don't get you where you want to be, then do the kit. These modifications are easier to do, harder to screw up, and will give you practice at tuning and modifying so that you'll have those skills when/if you do decide to kit.

"Treats":http://stores.ebay.com/treats-hq-discount-puch-moped-parts is one of the best places to buy performance parts -- exhausts, air filters, carbs, sprockets, and yes, even (especially) kits.

There's a lot good info and links in the Performance Tuning category in the wiki, if you haven't already looked through that yet.

Re: looking to get a kit..need help

thanks that helps a lot.

i'm not very mechanical but i have a friend that could help me with the kit..

Re: looking to get a kit..need help

Friends who speak mechanical are good to have. :)

Still though, you'll get the most out of a kit if you add all that other stuff too. Unless you feel like dropping a couple hundred at once, it's probably better to start with the easy (easier) stuff.

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