exhaust for my kitted moby

so yeah, i kitted my 77 moby 50v. 70cc airsal kit, dellorto 15.15 carb, and my g2 exhaust. i figured i would try it out with the g2 and see what happens. and the suspicions were correct, the g2 doesnt like the kit that much. sucks for me and my bank account, now i have a g2 that i wont really use again unless someone wants to give me another moby. anyways..

looking at getting a g3, but i am wondering if anyone could tell me about the leovince exhausts. anyone use one? better or worse than the g3? they look sexy as hell.

also, if you want a slightly used g2 i will have one for sale pretty soon. it kicked ass on mine before i kitted it. awesome.

Re: exhaust for my kitted moby

also, i have heard amazing things about the dopplers, but where the hell do you find them? i can find em anywhere.

Re: exhaust for my kitted moby

Mike Scouty McScoutington /

Quarterkick has them in but not up on the site yet. drop an email to request@quarterkick.com

Re: exhaust for my kitted moby

Frostback Ditch /

Ooooooo, I could really use a G2, I've got a 1970 50V that I'm porting, giving it a Dellorto 15/15 and a Mallosi variator. Do you think it would work well for me?

Re: exhaust for my kitted moby

i personally love the g2. almost to the point where i wish i hadnt kitted the bike. i was running the dellorto 15.15 with the g2 on a ported (pretty poorly though, my first attempt) stock cylinder and doing mid 30's on flats. not bad for a bike that a week before couldnt break 23 if you tied it to the train next to my house.

Re: exhaust for my kitted moby

***Kim Jong illest*** /

i JUST hooked up a g3 to my 70 airsal with a clutch pulley. not sure what to think of it yet but it did take care of my exhaust leak. i think i need to fuck with the pulley a bit more but mark my words, STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM A LEO VINCI PIPE! it has been covered, try the search function.

Re: exhaust for my kitted moby

got it. i did a search, but i couldnt really find anything too relevant. maybe i didnt go back far enough or something. i put in a request to quarterkick about the doppler er1. if they have them i think thats what i'll go with.

Re: exhaust for my kitted moby

forgot to mention that i wasnt talking about the cobra. there is another one listed on the quarter kick site. that's why i said i couldnt find anything relevant.

Re: exhaust for my kitted moby

leo cobra..... never buy that in a million years its the biggest POS ever, I've witnessed an account where it infact lowered the speed of the bike from stock.

its a cheap POS that they sell just to cover some more of the market back in the day.

Also thier nice break>

peace. ps I'd be willing to trade a used g3 +some $$ for the G2 what do u think? e-mail me if ur interested.

Re: exhaust for my kitted moby

elliot, email me. i think i could totally do that. is the g3 pretty rad for a kitted ped?

Re: exhaust for my kitted moby

I have a hard time seeing how a G2 would be any improvement over a stock pipe on a stock moby. That pipe is made for super high reving 50cc kits, there is no way in hell you could get a stock av7 cylinder to rev high enough.

Get the G3. The Doppler is top notch but I do not think it will work to well on the av7 kits.

la-becanerie.com is SICK! I placed an order with them last week, they shipped it out on the 26th of June and it was at my house on the 1st.

Re: exhaust for my kitted moby

have you ever used a g2 on an av7? it is a definite improvement on the stock moby pipe, at least on a ported cylinder. the power band grabbed right around 15mph or so and it was like a rocket after that. a major difference between that and the stock pipe. it might not perform as well as it does on an av10 or a nice 50cc kit, but it does perform.

i'll check out la-bacanerie.com. i talked to quarterkick and they have the dopplers, but yeah, i'm thinking g3.

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