What Jet to run with a Proma GP

Just curious. I'm running a Proma Country/ Biturbo right now with a high flow filter, 15mm Bing and intake and a 88 main jet.

If I slap on a GP can I expect to down jet because of the longer header? I want to buy a range of jets, but would like to know which range would be a good starting place for that pipe...

I really hate my current pipe.

Or should I just get the Techniqas?

My lowend sucks balls and I'm not interested in top end necessarily or lightening my clutch shoes...

Re: What Jet to run with a Proma GP

All this on a 70cc Airsal kit...

Re: What Jet to run with a Proma GP

if low end is more important to you than top end, get the technigas hands down. if you're already dialed in right for your setup, and it's only the pipe that you're switching, you probably don't need to stray very far from the 88.

Re: What Jet to run with a Proma GP

I am willing to sacrifice some top end for some hill climbing power, but not all of it.

I'm dialed in with the proma country and it rocks on flat ground. If I'm in my power band it eats any hill for breakfast... If I'm not in my power band and hit a steepish hill, which are abundant here in the Nati, it sucks balls. If it's really steep, I literally have to walk it up if I'm starting from a slow speed... The power hits around 18MPH with my current pipe. I'm looking for something that will give me the back pressure that I need to take off quickly and shred hills.

I am going to tighten my clutch springs, but other than that, I don't really want to do any clutch work because I'd rather it be reliable.

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