garelli 70cc

70cc kit with 21mm carb, #74 main jet, #55 starter jet i think.....its seems to be running a little rich and im going to get a smaller jet to help it out.....but ill be driving it and it will be running fine....but after a while it will start to miss kinda and bogg down...then is shuts off and i cant get it going for 30mins if at all.....ive noticed that there is a ton of moisture all over the carb......ive adjusted the carb and such to try and better it but no results. one of the times i took the spark plug out and it looked great....still wouldn't start for a at least 30 mins.... Will a new pipe help the rich me plzz

Re: garelli 70cc

condensor getting to hot and messing up

what kind of exhaust do you have..

74 main jet is small.. really small

is it moisture on the carb. or is it gas and such?

a 74 shouldn't be rich AT should be lean as hell if anything..

are you running an air filter?

Re: garelli 70cc

i have the stock pipe and performance air filter

Re: garelli 70cc

yeah there's lots of moisture (water) on the carb....

Re: garelli 70cc

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21mm phbg? i thought those thing had a 96 stock jet?

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it did but i slowly jetted it down to a 74 to make it run better....i

Re: garelli 70cc

i ran a 72 jet on a 16mm SHA on my polini'd NOI.

You should really upjet man, killing the kit slowly.

what is your timing?

Re: garelli 70cc

i know...i started at 96 and slowly went down to i did it got better the lower i i need to get a hp pipe?

Re: garelli 70cc

yes you do.

A kit is pretty much worthless without a expansion chamber to accompany it.

you are gonna get a huge kick in speed once you add one on. The reason your jet is so slow is probably because of your use of the stock pipe.

Get an estoril.

Re: garelli 70cc

with a big carb like that you must have a pipe or something with some more flow, no point in getting highflow inlet and keep your outlet really small, if you dont feel like ponying up to get an exhaust, you should just sell the carb, then use that to get a bullett exhaust or something like that. THey are cheap, and will still run with stock carb thats rejetted. Oh and overboaring your original dellorto is an option too.

So really you can get money back, and have this guy runing right.

Re: garelli 70cc

uh, yeah, you'll never get that to run right without a pipe.

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