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hello everyone. i'm looking to put together a solid, everyday commuter for heavy city traffic. so, i'm focusing on low-end, and i would like to avoid a kit for now. i've researched the forum quite a bit (this is my first puch), but i would value your opinion on the following plan:


78 maxi sport hi-torque.

2hp model

everything stock


proma gp or tecno boss exhaust

15mm bing

high comp head

high flow air filter

goal: mid-upper 30's at WOT. great acceleration.

thoughts? suggestions? i've read a lot of people love the boss, but it's availability seems limited. also, is the maxi sport's stock cylinder head considered a high-comp head, hence the "hi-torque" label? if so, i'd obviously scrap the after market high compression head.

thanks in advance,


Re: maxi sport advice

i'd go with a tecno estoril instead of the boss. great low and mid range torque.

Re: maxi sport advice

thanks seth.

Re: maxi sport advice

Kits are great for low end if they are tuned for low end...

Re: maxi sport advice

i might eventually kit, but i'm baby-stepping it there. i have much to learn.

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i have a 14 mm bing, boss, high torque head and 2 speed that isn't tuned right yet, but it does a solid 37.

cheap way to be faster. avoid kitting until you know your bike well.

Re: maxi sport advice

ps- i have terrific low end with the two speed.

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that sounds like a great setup. i'm not a big fan of running techno estorils on stock bikes, they are really set up for higher displacement. there is a huge soggy spot in the mid-low power band on a stock puch that will really piss you off if you have to start from a stoplight going up a hill.

the proma gp will give you better low end than the boss.

you can also cut (shorten) your top piston skirt a mm or so to increase your intake timing- it wont hurt your bottom end significantly and it will really help the top end power, so your bike can go 35 up hill rather than hitting a hill and bogging down to 30. while you're putting on the pipe you can open and match the outlet of your exhaust port to the pipe as well for a noticeable gain.

you are definitely taking the right approach to this, baby steps, one or two small changes at a time until you learn how to talk to your engine. good luck!

Re: maxi sport advice

"i might eventually kit, but i’m baby-stepping it there. i have much to learn."

i wish more people would take this aprouch, rather than the more common "i bought a moped last week how do i make it go really fast" post.

Re: maxi sport advice

oh that? i just said that so i didn't take a proper bashing. i just bought an 80cc gila! okay...not really. and again, thanks to everyone for the advice.

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