Re: clutch pulley problems solved? i hope so...

It's a Doppler pulley. I think you can use the stock pedal crank, but you may have to get new circlip grooves turned into the shaft to get the pulley in the right spot.

You don't even have to balance the weights that much. I put so many crazy combos in there, it doesn't even begin to matter. You can put them all on one side if you want.

The total weight in the variator determines the RPM at which the cheeks close together. Force=mass x velocity or K=MxV. The force constant(k) in this case is the tension of the engine spring and the velocity is the engine RPM. I'm not saying you have to do math, just getting some perspective in there.

I run 15g against my doppler spring with the 70cc H2O kit, and like 12g with the 50cc kit(it revs higher). With a stock spring you'll need less mass.

Oh, brilliant and obvious engine spacing method i came up with while biking to work this morning: 1" chunk of aluminum(or whatever, wood maybe?) with two holes drilled in it and some longer socket cap screws, and just insert it between the doppler or stock spring and the frame mount. Done. Just get a longer belt and figure out how far the engine has to move to tension it, then cut that thickness spacer.

Re: clutch pulley problems solved? i hope so...

frame mount pushes the frame spring receiver downwards in addition to moving it towards the front of the bike.

Re: clutch pulley problems solved? i hope so...

lee's anus is leefungchowOG /

no way bret. i get what you are saying, but you don't want an un-evenly weighted crank. it will cause vibrations and will slow you down. it will work all on one side, but it is pointless. it will throw your shit apart. G3 rules. something is wrong if your bikes not ripping.

Don't blame the pipe. don't blame the pulley.

don't blame the parts

PS did you de-restrict the ninja????? it has a restrictor that you can pry out with a screw driver.

Re: clutch pulley problems solved? i hope so...

peter pics of the motor mounts that u spaced it with?

Re: clutch pulley problems solved? i hope so...

***Kim Jong illest*** /

HAHAHA WHOA! no im not blaming the parts, just frustrated figuring it all out thats all. the only way im going to become a better tuner is to DO IT and keep at it till i get it. really the only problem im having at this moment is pipe hitting the ground at turns and bumps. elliot your advice about cutting off the kick stand bracket is right on, that thing does get in the way. yes i tok the derestrictor off but i need a dremel to get the spot weld bump off the make a flush conection to the muffler, and thats about it. brett that is some pretty complicated moped equasions there, but i thank you none the less. all of you good lookin about reducing the variator weights, it never crossed my mind. you guys have all been super fucking awesome. we all have to take it to the next level sometime, i know some of you went there a long time ago, so dont forget what it was like then ok? again thanks so much. im gonna put the new advice into action and tell ya what i came up with.

Re: clutch pulley problems solved? i hope so...

since you're just starting out with this, do it in steps, i.e. step 1: sell me your clutch pulley.

really though, put the pipe on, get the motor running well. then mess with the clutch pulley.

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