70cc av7 parmakit port map

Who wants to help out us airsal owners?

Do it for the resistance!

Re: 70cc av7 parmakit port map

its surprisingly alot harder/timeconsuming to make a good port map than it looks lol

Re: 70cc av7 parmakit port map

***Kim Jong illest*** /

dude, im trying to do this too. i have a parma but the exhaust is totally stripped. my airsal is weak and i wanted to make a parma clone out of it, thing is the parma is a 6 port, the airsal a 4. tricky tricky...

Re: 70cc av7 parmakit port map

If you are going to be working with the av7, you might as well just port the stock cylinder as per some info in this thread.


Re: 70cc av7 parmakit port map

Motobro- you seem to have the ideal scenario- a parma for a template and an airsal to carve away at! I haven't seen the parmakit in person, so didn't really know if it'd be possible to do this clone... Do the existing ports/transfers on the airsal make it impossible to cut it into a parma?

Maybe its just time for some math on the airsal to figure out an aggressive port map. Im sure I could teach myself how to do this from the literature (in all my spare time! HA!), but don't really think i want to...

anybody have pictures of the Parma ports?

Re: 70cc av7 parmakit port map

i have like 7ish pics of the parma and its ports. I took them a while ago kind of haphazardly, but im sure you could glean some info from them. Back when i had the 70parma (i traded it) i knew i shoulda port mapped it, but was lazy.

since i have so many just email me... ill put em in a zip file or something and you can do what you want.

Re: 70cc av7 parmakit port map

Thanks Steve. Email sent.

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