Spark Plug

what are your thoughts on plugs?

which brand is the best for the money or does it not matter....

this is for a stock minarelli v1

Re: Spark Plug

I put Champion plugs in all of my mopeds which are usually inexpensive, and I'm very happy with them.

Some people swear by NGK or Bosch


Re: Spark Plug

aight sounds good. thanks

Re: Spark Plug

I use NGKs. Easy to find, not too expensive, and never had problem. I used to swear by Bosch, and they do make good stuff, but I bought a batch of W8APs one time that turned out to be entirely crap.

To be fair, that was when I had just gotten my first bike and knew little about them, so the W8AP might not have even been the right plug, and they were NOS (never heard of plugs decaying on a shelf, but who knows?). I just matched the plug that was in the bike when I got it. The W8AP that was in there has been fine since I've owned that bike, but the ones I bought were a total loss.

Anyway, never had a problem with the NGKs, NOS or new.

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