Jetting on Garelli setups??

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waiting for my 21mm phbg and plan on mounting my tecno

estoril..stock jet will be a 96 i believe where should i go when

i mount the pipe? then going to put in the NOI polini kit. Am

i good with a rich break in premix or do i have to upjet onto

of that for break in?

Re: Jetting on Garelli setups??

96 might work fine if you follow all the break-in rules, check out the PHBG tuning in the wiki, it shows that you may want to raise the needle jet to run it more rich at those throttle positions.

Break it in at less than 3/4 throttle and adjust the carb to run rich and the 96 may work fine - check your plug often to see if it is running rich or lean.

Re: Jetting on Garelli setups??

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yah no doubt i will be doing plug chops all day when i break in.

i plan on doing a good amount of laps in my neighborhood just to make sure and to put in some miles.

do i have to change jets with the stock cylinder just for the pipe?

Re: Jetting on Garelli setups??

in Lancaster pa... humid some days dry the next.

i run a 96 now .. too rich on the top end.. i literally have it wide open and it takes off like a rocket. then ill hit a point where it just starts slowing down.

after i fixed my needle settings and stuff..

but i plan to be running fine around a 92 or a 90.

i also run a uni pod

Re: Jetting on Garelli setups??

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what differences does different air filters cause?

Re: Jetting on Garelli setups??

Foam or paperfilter walls can be restrictive, it can hurt all around performance - Some use things like pantyhose, others use a wire mesh, I just bought a Malossi air filter and the mesh is so weak, it wouldn't protect me from common stuff like sand... but my performance is excellent.... I'll probably switch the innards out with some pantyhose since it works as a great screen and doesn't inhibit flow so much.

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