Simple how to videos

Hey guys few days ago i stumbled upon these videos on youtube, there pretty simple and tell you how to clean your carb how to rejet, and lot of other stuff, so here they are hope they help new people with the stuff they didnt know yet.

how to adjust carb

About the parts

how to clean a carb

how to attach a carb

how to fix spark plugs

how to assemble the carb

some history on mopeds

how to remove the carb

how to take apart the carb

how to remove moped spark plugs

how to take the top off a carb

about spark plugs

gas mileage

If this has been posted before sorry, but there pretty useful to get some basics down

Re: Simple how to videos

wiki them

Re: Simple how to videos

They're already in there under the Bing article and in Fred's Guide. Do they need their own page?

Re: Simple how to videos

I would.

Re: Simple how to videos

Should I just make a "Repair tutorial videos" article, and then all of those plus any other videos anyone has made can be linked there?

Re: Simple how to videos

no offense.. but those are pretty lame. who is that guy?

Re: Simple how to videos

I think it's a great idea. People will be able to find the vids easier and they will all be centralized.

Re: Simple how to videos

They might be lame if you know what you're doing, but believe me, they're a godsend if you have no idea what the hell you're doing.

Even though I discovered a third place where these are linked in the wiki, I still put them in a new Repair tutorial videos article. I'll keep adding videos as I find them, but if anyone else knows of any more, ADD THEM!

Re: Simple how to videos

thats beamer, he used to post things on here, but not so much anymore. i'm pretty sure he's from austin tx, i'm not positive he was a hells bombshell, but he might have been.

Re: Simple how to videos

Definitely not lame for someone with no background in mechanics like me.

These videos put the wheels in motion for my addiction / obsession.

Thanks Beamer

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