Re: New Gila motor SWEET

head was milled to provide the optimal squish band and combustion chamber size for premium fuel

the cyl has light port work and some polish ing on the exhaust port. transfers were flared to matche the over ported case.

its a pedal start

the intake is matched to the exact size of the reed cage inlet

if it was any larger the intake gasses would be flowing over a ridge before entering the cyl

this cly just happened to be almost perfectly round with less than .001 deviation from round in the bore, the piston was of course less perfect, but way better than anything i have ever run.

thanks derek

yes this motor will be running at brobq and the creature rally thanks to the above listed parties espically 1977, treats and all the members that i called on thier cell phoones with questions! thanks guys

Re: New Gila motor SWEET

come on put it on a bike and gps that

Re: New Gila motor SWEET

damn.... all those new parts and you still managed to have 10 dollars left over. i have a quarter of those parts and i have no money left over???? what the hell.

Re: New Gila motor SWEET

i wish i had something like that on my streetmate...

Re: New Gila motor SWEET

amazing matt,

its great to see motors being built 'to spec' and even better to see the builders taking time to share with us in interweb-land.

hopefully this will give all the people out there doing slap-on jobs some idea as to the amount of blueprinting, math, and machine work that goes into building a really sick engine. just about anyone can slap on a gila and do 45-50, but to fully build it to take 70 mph and 12k plus rpms, is an art.

Re: New Gila motor SWEET

thanks for the props..but i ran into a huge issue

the Powerdynamo i was sold is for a 2 speed model...and is not configurable to a 1 speed model because it is a DC model

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