malossi boost bottle

so cleaning out my garage of moped bullshit i found this little guy...

how exactly does this work? is anyone actually using these things? it seems like some gimcky bolt on shit, like light up valve caps and chrome side panels.

Re: malossi boost bottle

but light up valve caps are so cool....

Re: malossi boost bottle

oh... heres the link... i'm an idiot.

Re: malossi boost bottle

I think they attach to your manifold. Some people say they see minimal speed increases and some say they see none at all. What the heck just hook it up and let us know.

Re: malossi boost bottle

I hooked a boost bottle up to my headlight and it made the light brighter.

Re: malossi boost bottle

alex that isnt a boost bottle, thats an apple juice injector! fill it up with ORGANIC apple juice (much better for the environment) and attach it to your intake manifold.


but seriously, the consensus is that they dont do shit. maybe they do a little but its not enough to make it worth hooking up.

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