intake boring

i know i should have a 16mm intake if i have a 16mm carb but i have a 14mm intake.

i could bore out the part that goes into the carb not to hard.

but i was thinking. if i bore the diagonal piece will it widen it so much that i get airleaks on both sides? and they way the opening is, is it worth it to drill the diagonal piece?

will i get any more gains if i do bore the diagonal piece out?

how much will i not get out of the carb due to the 14mm diagonal piece

note: i know it is a 12mm intake but i measured and it read 14mm

Re: intake boring

Funny you brought this up because I was thinking about the same thing today. What I was more curious about is smoothing out that sharp edge(s) where the two bores intersect. That has got to create turbulence, which may good for fuel air mixing, but I think the design follows the cheapest diecasting procedures and perfect fluid flow.

The smaller or inside radius should be at least the radius of the bore and the outer radius of the mean bore should be bore+R1. The actual wall thickness will not allow the perfect radius, unless one builds up and grinds. However, it may be possible to 'make it better" by doing some simple adjusting on the inner radius (edge) and smoothing it out for better laminar flow.

The larger radius would need to be built up some to create a fillet to keep the bore ideal. A gas resistant/proof epoxy could be used, but I'd be a bit leary of gluing anything in an intake, but I may be wrong. Mind you, I haven't attempted any of this myself, yet.

That inner edge would be an easy blend, just take it easy.

I haven't done it yet because I wanted to get my ped running consitantly. Get myself a reference point. I'm not into going light speed, but I'd like to get her running better than right.

Re: intake boring

I bored the whole thing out to 15mm. it works fine, so leaks or anything. I think youll be ok. As far a performance it will probably just give you better throttle response and will add to the performance of the bike all around, because your cramming more gas and air into the cylinder. having a smaller intake though only a few mm smaller does equal to a decent amount of volume, so it allows more air and gas.

Like i said on the other post, just clamp it, line the hole up vertically, and drill away. It goes quick.

Re: intake boring

stop being a cheap ass? It cost what 30 bucks for a 16mm intake so yea

Re: intake boring

I just picked up a dellorto 15/15 and would like to mount in on a Franco morini ..carb is to big for intake and I can't buy an intake to match..what do you use for a spacer to make up the difference

Re: intake boring

You can get different sized plastic/nylon carburetor shims from dellorto. These allow the carb to mount on different sized intakes.

Re: intake boring

sorry about rambling on. For reboring the long hole, your best bet is a tapered reamer to get the cutting action going without totally beating the hell out of the machined edge, but a modified drill bit will work, but by the time you go through all of that I think you can buy one of those intakes. I don't recall mine as being too expensive. A heck of a lot less work. The angle of attack is a bit hairy, especially if you use a handdrill.

When you measured the bore you said you got 14mm. BTW, did you use set of calipers? Chances are, the hole is tapered because the rod that made the hole during the casting process was tapered, so it could be pulled from the casting once it cooled. The bore at the elbow might be 12mm.

The ideal intake would be slightly "s" shaped, but that would be cost prohibitive due to the unusual shape and drawing any cores.

Re: intake boring

where can you buy them?

Re: intake boring

77 mopeds

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