reshaping a chrome simonini


so i a have a decent ammount of experience reshaping pipes, dont it about 10-15 so far. im pretty good at making the right incision the first time but either way once i cut this shit and weld it i know some of the chrome is gonna get fucked.

my question is what do i do afterwards? im putting this on a chrome and black magnum and its gonna look hot. i dont want a big rust spot standing out on the bike. my first thought was to just cover the incision with that high temp chrome tape stuff. it holds up pretty well. but theres gotta be a better option right?

what do u guys think?

Re: reshaping a chrome simonini

) Cupermcnewbster ( /

tape it off, spray a coat of black high-temp, then see if there is any chrome or silver high temp, and put a coat over. It won't look great, but its only a header, right?

Re: reshaping a chrome simonini

have it TIG welded. cleaner, smaller bead. less mess.

Re: reshaping a chrome simonini

or get t rechromed

Re: reshaping a chrome simonini

High temp clearcoat? Paint it before it rusts.

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