Will this do?

Ok for my towny this would be all I need to replace the top end?

Cylinder head, cylinder head gasket, ??flange nut?? Do I need to buy a piston or is the only thing I have to do is bolt on the new head? where can I find a jemco exhaust with expansion chamber? How much would it cost? what speed do you think I would get with those 2 upgrades? Will I get better low end as well? It currently tops at 29

Re: Will this do?

Sorry, I forgot to mention these parts are from a yt60 that I will be putting on my towny.

Re: Will this do?

You will need the yt60 piston and rings in addition to the cylinder. Use your stock head for a little extra compression.

call jemco to order the exhaust.


Power will be improved across the board.

I don't have a jemco, but I do have an expansion chamber exhaust on my qt50, with the yt60 jug. I get about 40-45mph.

Re: Will this do?

so just change the piston and not the head? Im new at this so Im a bit confused. Also if I call jemco what exhaust to i specifically have to ask for?

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ooh I think i just realized what you mean. The piston head right? lol I know I sound like such a novice

Re: Will this do?

The head is the part of the motor where the spark plug screws in. Use your towny head.

The cylinder is the part of the motor where the piston moves back in forth in. You need one from a yt60.

Piston and rings are self explanatory. You need those from a yt60.

When you call Jemco tell them you need an exhaust for a yamaha pw50. Also tell them it's going on a towny. They might not be familiar with a towny, but you can tell them its similar to the qt50.

Re: Will this do?

Awesome man you just cleared up alot with that response. Will the stock carb do good or should I upgrade as well. What would you recommend as an upgrade if needed? also when I got it I was told it has a dirt bike differential on it. Would you know which one it is? what does that do for it? mine is not stock but I have the stock one as well.

Re: Will this do?

Stock carb will work fine. One buy on the boards has upgraded to a Mikuni 18mm carb, do a search in the performance section for VM18.

The towny, qt50, and pw50 all have the same shaft drive system. Swapping the rear end gears from a pw50 into a qt50 gives you a high top speed. I'm not sure if the towny is geared the same as the qt50 or pw50 to begin with though...

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