Carbs 24mm+

Alright I've seen some of you rippers using the mikuni flatslide 24mm carbs out there, thats rad, and I was also wondering if anybody has gotten away with using an even larger carb, if so what kit where you running with it, and did you do some heavy porting?

Re: Carbs 24mm+

any bigger is just over kill..

unless you have bigger displacement.

the draw from the small piston wouldnt be strong enough in a bigger carb..

you need more CC first

Re: Carbs 24mm+

garelli dreams.

Re: Carbs 24mm+

oh I have dreams alright, dreams of destroying one of my kits I suppose.

Re: Carbs 24mm+

Ben Van Zoest /

Atta boy follow the MA motto, destroy like many others.

Re: Carbs 24mm+

People run 28mm PWKs on Minarelli kits all dang day in South America. The funny part is, 28mm carbs are cheaper than 21s. go search the ebays and check it out.

Re: Carbs 24mm+


you can get i believe a 26mm carb for around 60 dollars.

half the price of a mikuni

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