E50 vs ZA50 - Help me decide

I really want a ZA50 so i can have the extra low end that comes with a 2 speed. I even found someone who knows what they are doing that could rebuild the bttom end for me. But do you guys think it would be really worth it to get the ZA? or should i just get an E50. I want to kit it...some words of wisdom and opinions please.

Re: E50 vs ZA50 - Help me decide

if you can get a nice rebuild? ZA50 they have far more potential, then again i havent kitted one. give me a few weeks, im prolly gonna destroy it if i havent yet.

E50's are industructible, fast, awesome, unlimited parts supply.

if you have the money and want a 70mph beast, ZA50, if you plan on riding your ped alot, and dont want alot of work, e50 by far.

go for a a35/a55 haha!~SABAT!

Re: E50 vs ZA50 - Help me decide

ahh shit. i think i might go the e50 route. just so i can get a new crank for it and stuff and work on it myself. i can live with it.

Re: E50 vs ZA50 - Help me decide

i have an e50, and even with a stuck carb it runs.. weird

Re: E50 vs ZA50 - Help me decide

E50 will always be faster on the top, the internal gearing on a two speed is lower, so a 18/38 gear ratio on the ZA is not as fast as an 18/38 on the E50. ZA50's can be made to handle power, but it has to be done with tighter tolerances than the E50. I love the ZA50 on my magnum, it rips out of the hole quickly, much better than an E50, but if you tune the clutch right on an e50, it is comparable.

Re: E50 vs ZA50 - Help me decide

Yeah. I'm thinking e50 with Paz springs and geared for torque.

Re: E50 vs ZA50 - Help me decide

the za50 is better for hills/low end, right?

I just put a za50 from a Maxi MKII on my Magnum XK.

I need to re-gear the back of the Magnum still.

I'm having doubts now whether i'm doing the right thing.

"Reliability of the engine & availability of parts" versus "getting up hills quicker (SF hills) & having a faux Magnum MKII(hehe)"

Any suggestions?

This sux.

If I stick with my switch, I need to buy 2 additional rear wheel spockets (One of them being a 45t for a snowflake wheel... not even sure if those exist).

Someone, please make up my mind.

Re: E50 vs ZA50 - Help me decide

I.R.E. Mike Pee /

I'm taking the za50 off of my maxi tomorrow, and replacing it with an e50. If it weren't worth $3 billion on ebay, I'd take the za50 out back and shoot it. Fuck those things.

Re: E50 vs ZA50 - Help me decide

e50 with the polini ftw.

Re: E50 vs ZA50 - Help me decide

I would say go with an e50 for the time being.

Fast za50's are not any harder to make compared to e50's but solid ones are another story. Expect to pay a big premium if you want a two speed that will last.

My last ZA80 metra lasted around 1k miles (including 200 miles of blasting at the latebird rally). Every last thing on that motor was build to as tight of tolerances as I could get, in the end the brass bushing on the crank was the weak link. It's failure cost me a piston (thankfully the cylinder was not shot). Roller bearing con-rod+having a machinist press in + a new piston was about $175. Next thing that will probably happen is the magneto side crank shear but hopefully I will get another 1-2k out of it before that happens.

E50's are stupid easy to build right, with experience you can put one together in a few hours and have it running on the bike.

With a properly tuned clutch the correct gearing and pipe your e50 will accelerate just fine and hit very high top speeds.

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