Pulling a clutch

Wheel puller isnt working... Is there a specialized tool for an E50 2 shoe?

Re: Pulling a clutch


try 1977 or mwh

Re: Pulling a clutch

Make your own. You can get a puller that is close from any parts store and put the correct pitch bolts in it. I use one from Auto Zone. Doesn't work as nice as a made for it puller, but it gets the job done.

Re: Pulling a clutch

i used a generic wheel puller. don't be afraid to put a little muscle into it.

i just used a longer bar for some easy leverage. i don't think you'll have a problem ruining your crank because it's made out of a lot harder material than the bit for the puller. mine gave some resistance and then popped off real hard. could be you just need to get more aggressive.

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