garelli gearing

so i broke my rear axle yesterday on a pretty long ride. luckily it broke five minutes from where i was headed and a buddy of mine had a truck to drive me and the ped home at the end of the night.

anyways to repair it i have some snowflake mags off a batavus that i've been meaning to put on this bike and the rear sprocket is a 41 or something crazy like that. the stock garelli sprocket is a 32 and i get really great low end on it right now but top speed is pretty weak. i found a tomos 28 and 24 rear gear that should fit on the wheel, i'm just wondering which one would be better to go with. would i notice a huge difference in top speed and huge cut in low end with the 28? or should i go all the way down to the 24? or would i have no low end at that point? should i just stick with the original 32 perhaps?

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omg dont go that small unless your kitted or have a 9 front..

if you ahve bigger than a 9 front you should go with the 32.. im at a 25 and its a hard pull with my setup. but it still pulls.. but if you must go smaller.. 28 would probably be the best.. 24 would be nuts and not even fit with out modification.

its work to get the sproket to fit too.. i had to bore out the center hub ring... then re drill the holes .

Re: garelli gearing

drew, you mentioned on the performance spreadsheet that you were getting a homoet pipe, how'd it go?

Also, how'd you fab the 21mm intake?

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yo what up.. never got the homoet.. decided the bike was an all around good bike the way it was..

i took the homoet money and put it into a puch with 5 stars

i have a polini 21mm intake. no fabing at all.. just bolt up.

it runs excellent. and i cant wait to get it back on the road. it has plenty of low end that i am still quick off the line.

but its geared right.. 11/25.. that it still hits 55 no problem.

oh and i had a tomos 22 and it would have never fit on a mag wheel. i would have had to cut the whole brake hub assebily.. 25 tooth has the chain on the hub barely only under load when its stretching . i had to bore out an aluminum dirt bike gear and re drill. it worked great. i think if i get a new chain i can hit faster speeds

Re: garelli gearing

yo where did you find the 11 front sprock?,

paul I've got a 28 you can get off me by the way. Its a tomos 28

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they are the holy grail.. hold on to them if you got them..

i see them sell for upwards of 75 bucks

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intake photo

Re: garelli gearing

Re: garelli gearing

well thats just ignorant, couldnt you have a custom sprocket made for that much? Where did you find that sucker, is it off of a monza or bonanza or something?

Re: garelli gearing

yeah you gotta get them off rare bikes..

cutome made is sooo much ..

but you can get them of monza gt's ..

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dang, where'd you get that intake? I can only find 20mm. My current setup is 70cc polini, 21mm phbg, estoril, malossi rect air filter. I haven't done any gearing yet, hence why I'm on this page. I was going to try to get a tecnigas, but benji had an estoril that I think will do the job.

I haven't done my gearing yet, do puch gears fit? Actually, as a broader question, what gears do fit?

If I hit fifty, I'll be happy. I think that if everything is tuned right, I'll go fifty and then some.

Re: garelli gearing

dude with that set up you can go 50 easy

i hit 55 and i can cruise at that all day long.. its when i hit a hill and really rip it when i feel the motor start to rev to high

11/25 is perfect for me.. its all around good gearing.

still plenty of low end and once i hit my power band for that estroli im outa there.. it really rips but my pipe broke apart. it takes some fabrication to get it to work to.. so watch out

the only gears that fit are italian moped gears..

and any gear you can find wit ha hub the same size.. or smaller(so you can make it bigger).. and it has to have the 4 bolt pattern.

find yourself an 11 front and put a 28 on the back from another garelli. and you can do 50 easy..

i was hitting 45 with 10/32

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anything smaller than a 28 is going to need to be fabricated onto the wheel..

well for a mag atleast .. im not sure about spokers.. mine spokes started to break when i would take turns at speed so i got rid of that shit

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i just put doug's 28 on mine (thanks dougler) and i def got a speed boost. i put it on the mags and i've still got some clearance on the grimecas i think a 26 might fit without rubbing but it would be close (dont know if tomos makes 26 rears though). oh and the rear sprocket was a tomos. so those bolt right on the grimeca snowflakes if anyone was wondering.

Re: garelli gearing

thats weird.. i had a tomos sprocket and grimeca snowflakes and it did not bolt right up.

it was a 22 tho.. so who knows.. yeah a 26 would work

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