peugeot 103

I have a 1980 103 that needs another carb... it currently has the stock gurtner crap I mean carb on it.

I would like to use a dellorto and happen to have a 14/12

from about the same year model silver bullet.

Does ayone have a step by step on how to do this mod ?

I have seach and found some for larger carbs like the 15/15.. also.. what is the dellorto SHA 14/12 anyways.. is it 12mm or 14mm ???

Do I need a special intake or can I use the exisiting one?

thanks for the help.

PS I did read something for a motobecane with a larger dellorto change on this site but I am not sure I followed it.

Re: peugeot 103

Let me know when you get an answer..

I have have a 14/12 I have cleaned and is just about ready to go.

It looks pretty simple to do but documentation is always a plus!

The only draw back I see is that there is not place for the choke cable. It looks like the lever for choking is on the carb itself.

Also you may need a new intake.

Re: peugeot 103

Duck Altman /

You are correct the 14/12 dellorto is still larger then the

intake for the gurtner.. I am not sure what kinda intake of maybe a bushing could be used to make this work...

The 14/12 has a manual choke so you take the choke lever off your handles bars and chunk the cable.. only problem I see is that the side covers wouldm ake it hard to close the choke. I think pulling the gas though turns the choke off.. I am not really sure.

I don't mind it though... here in south Georgia I might not ever even need the choke... 2 screws for the side cover if I do is alot eaiser then playing with this gurtner carb.

I might have an answer for you soon... .

Re: peugeot 103

The release for the choke is when you open up the throttle all the was. I found that out during cleaning.

What performance increase do you think I'll see if I switch these out?

Re: peugeot 103

unless you have a rigid 103, the dellorto wont fit without a dellorto intake (or without grinding down the frame/swingarm).. it might look like it fits, but it'll rub against the swingarm when the engine rocks forward.

Re: peugeot 103

Duck Altman /

I have heard the standard intake will work with the dellorto you just have to replace that inner plastic bushing to a slightly larger one...

I spoke to Lee about it and he didn't mention anything about his rubbing... perhaps it would. I have a friend that has done the mod but I have not been able to get ahold of him in awhile to find out the exact information about what he used.

I want to think he even used a dellorto 15/15 tha tI think is a slightly larger diameter carb without problems.

Both are variated.. I am not sure what you mean by rigid frame? I didn't know there were differences in the 103s frame styles?

Re: peugeot 103

rigid means there's no suspension or swingarm in the back, like so:

the carb will fit onto the intake on either model, but on non-rigid 103s there isn't enough room between the side of the carb and the frame, you have to grind out like .5cm of the swingarm and/or frame to get it to fit. trust me, i tried. the dellorto intake bends inward a bit more to clear it.

Re: peugeot 103

Duck Altman /

Dang.. I just ordered a new reed valve, the carb bushing for it to fit on the stock intake manifold and a new throtle cable.. I have metal working tools as I run a diesel shop.. no biggie.. I just hate altering the frame.. my bike is very clean.. it looks alot like that ped you posted however mine mine does have shocks.

Do you know where I could find a proma circut exhaust for one of these 103's? A friend has one on his 103 and man it rips I love how the pipe performes and sounds. It has alot of midrange pull.

Re: peugeot 103

Duck Altman /

Also I have ehard that the calmp on sha shouldn't need frame grinding.. that only the spigot mount carb would.. is this not correct ???

Re: peugeot 103

that sounds reasonable, the clamp-on ones mount to a flexible hose-like piece, right?

Re: peugeot 103

Duck Altman /

I am not even sure what the differnce in the clamp on versus spigot muont are.. I can't find any refrence to explain the differences.. My carb ont he front has a build in clamp that you slid onto the intake and tighten a nut to attach it to the intake. Iam assuming this is the clamp on.. as I have never even heard of the spigot mount until trying to ask about the 103.

Do you have a picture of the clamp on or a spigot mount so I can tell what I have.

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