e50 3 shoe?

i have a new 3 shoe with paz springs i am haveing trouble getting the starter clutch to grab and turn the motor over that s one problem.

the other is when i first start the motor the clutch works great i get great stall then great grab and take off is great but once it warms up the clutch dont slip and grabs too soon.

any ideas?

Re: e50 3 shoe?

what type of oil you using?

Re: e50 3 shoe?

type F

Re: e50 3 shoe?

I had that same problem after I did my build. 3 shoe PAZ springs, had it off like 5 times could never get it right, put the springs in the 2 shoe clutch and benn runnin that ever since.

Re: e50 3 shoe?

hmmmmmm....... anyone else with paz springs know what to do?

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