Need Help..Advice Please..Puch

okay so here is what i'm running

Magnum with E50

65 MetraKit

Hi Comp Head

Bullet Exhaust

20mm PHBG with 85 main jet and 50 idle jet

19mm intake

stock gearing...i think 40-16 or something like that

it kinda slow off the line...bogs a little bit but not too bad. i want better performance off the line. i know changing gearing will help... but im trying not to cut too much off of my top speed. would jetting help me out at all? please im open to all suggestion. i am also thinking of putting a 3 shoe clutch on that bitch.

please let me know what you guys run and jetting and what not. thanks guys and girls

Re: Need Help..Advice Please..Puch

Jetting seems a little high. Was running a 72 and ripping on my 15 and after my soft seize switched up to an 82 and now suck off the line. I thing you could stand to go down a couple jet sizes.

Re: Need Help..Advice Please..Puch

change your pipe, advance your timing, tune your clutcn and then retune your carb.

Re: Need Help..Advice Please..Puch

I don't think the pipe is the issue cause that's what I'm running but you could be different. I agree with everything else.

Re: Need Help..Advice Please..Puch

How are your plug chops looking?

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