Jawa performance?

Hey All,

Got my first ped. A jawa x25. Its running pretty good. I have heard I can improve the performance by getting better exhuast, and a bigger carb? (ie, more speed, smoother running) Can these mods be done on a budget? I saw someone posting about inexpensive chinese 14mm carbs, but now cannot find the post....? Any thoughts, would be great.


On the extreme end, anybody know of any bolt on engine kit that will fit the Jawa?

Re: Jawa performance?

welcome to moped army!

i've never heard of a chinese carb, but almost everything i've seen from china should (or does) come in happy meals. i'd say either save and make the budget work to buy a nice dellorto, and a nice exhaust (personally not sure what works well/fits for the jawas) and the jets (for your carb) are cheap, just tedious to get your tuning just right.

Re: Jawa performance?

Well I hope someone addresses your question, I am interested to hear the answer as well. I have a similar jawa, it runs but poorly. There is a thread on here if you search for Jawa where Vlado and a few others discuss modification to fit a dellorto to replace your jikov or bing carb. Im thinking I am going to try to find a 14.12 SHA off a junked tomos if I can to keep the cost down. If Vlado or anyone else in the know is reading this can you fill us in on some of your wisdom?

Would 14.12 be a good choice? What worked for you? Any tips on adapting an intake to fit the carb to jawa studs? Has anyone had any luck modifying another brands aftermarket exhaust to Jawa?

Sorry I am no help Erin but dig some in the forum.. that thread lacks some detail but should point you in the right direction

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Thanks for the tips guys. I have searched, but cannot find that thread. I am hoping some of the Jawa "experts" pipe up on this one.

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jawa experts are few and far between. I you find a picture of the exhaust we can probably tell you what moped pipe is most likely to bolt up.

And look over dratv.com for possible carburetors matches. They have a pretty exhastive assortment of the kind of carb your looking for, and if they're charging too much, at least you'll know which one you need a knock off of.

You're probably going to end up spending about $90-$150.

Re: Jawa performance?

Bret, There are a few "experts" I know of on this forum, and have already helped much. I guess Im waiting to see if I hear from them. I dont have a pic up yet of the ped, but the Jawa is bone stock...Just about every Jawa Ive seen has the same pipe. I will take a look at dratv.com for the carb. Thanks for all the info so far folks.


Re: Jawa performance?

Yep. A Dellorto 14.12 will work smashing on a Jawa with a modified Puch 14mm intake. You have to do a little grinding to get it to fit, but it ain't hard. Find that old thread of Vlado's about it, he's got pictures of the whole process. As for a new pipe, you can cut the flange off of the stock pipe and weld it to the header of a Biturbo or Techno Boss. if you have a 2 piece Jawa exhaust, you could also clamp up the the baffle end of a 2 piece biturbo to the stock header.

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