qt50 jets

does anyone know anything about the qt50's carb? where can i get jets for it? are there any compatable jets from other carb brands? thanks all

Re: qt50 jets


If its a stock Carb its a Makuni. It takes round main jets, and you can buy them directly from Yamaha for around 6$ a piece. (find your local dealer) Otherwise check your bike shop, mine had generics that fit just fine and cost 3$. Just bring the jet from your carb with you, just incase your not sure what you need.

Stock size is a 70.

I hope this helps.

Re: qt50 jets

A nice easy way to see how your Carb works, is just look at the Parts Diagram from your Yamaha Dealer's website. It lists every part for your carb in an easy to follow diagram. Infact this is a great way to learn everything about your QT50 in regards to parts.

If you do a search, search for the QT50 Service Manual. There is a PDF version floating around I found very helpful.

Re: qt50 jets

thanks alot uys i have both a general dirtbike shop and a suzuki motorsports store nearby as soon as i get my new airfilter ill take my jet out of the carb and bring it to those places and get a few different sized jets for tuning, just out of curiosity i also have the performance reed kit coming in the mail, and a set of holeshot clutch springs, will i need to rejet after installing the new reeds?

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