36 teeth on a snowflake.

Okay, i bought a 36 tooth rear sprocket and it has the 6 hole triangular patern. i wanted to put it on a set of snowflakes, but that has a a square patern.

are there 36's available for the snowflake, or am i gonna need to do some fabricating?

if they are available i'll trade somebody. this is brand new.

Re: 36 teeth on a snowflake.

The snowflake has its own sprocket size, different from 5 star and spokes. Sounds like its time to fab.

Re: 36 teeth on a snowflake.

tank you, wise sensei.

Re: 36 teeth on a snowflake.

"Factory" snowflakes came with a 40 or 45 rear.If you have a 36, take the wheel and sprocket to a machine shop and have them re-drill the sprocket.

Re: 36 teeth on a snowflake.

Better yet, take my 36t with and get them both done, yay!

Re: 36 teeth on a snowflake.

my dad's doing the work for me, problem is, the 36 doesn't even fit over the hub on the snowflake, and it also is about 2mm shorter(off the hub) than the stock snowflake sprocket.

so not only does it need new holes, it also needs a bit taken out of the middle and it needs to be taller.

Re: 36 teeth on a snowflake.

not worth it. if you really need to change gearing you're gonna have to do it with the front sprocket or get some spokes or 5 stars.

Re: 36 teeth on a snowflake.

i'm gonna try this. it's free work, i get cheap stuff cuz i work at a moped shop.

i already did the gear in the front.

Re: 36 teeth on a snowflake.

i got the sprocket made to work on snowflakes, scoore.

Re: 36 teeth on a snowflake.


Re: 36 teeth on a snowflake.

Pablo Puchasso /

Yes please describe how.

Re: 36 teeth on a snowflake.

this is why I converted to spokes. SO much easier to gear.

ah damn snowflakes.

Re: 36 teeth on a snowflake.

pic later. i promise

Re: 36 teeth on a snowflake.

this thread's title sounds really poetic

Re: 36 teeth on a snowflake.

A couple weeks ago my brothers and I looked at a Puch with snowflake wheels. We noticed the damnedest thing. The rear hub had TWO sprockets mounted one on top of the other. Couldn't figure out why at the time, figured it was something bad and didn't buy the bike.

It might be that you can take a sprocket that fits on your snowflake and then attach your 36 tooth sprocket thereon. I'm just speculating. If you do, and it works, be sure to warn the people you're sell the bike why you employed this field expedient.

Re: 36 teeth on a snowflake.

okay, here's how to fabricate it. you waste a 45 tooth sprocket if you do it this way, but this way requires no real measuring, just centering. you could use a piece of steel plate in place of the 45 to do this too, but then you gotta measure and do more.

okay, here's the reasons a 36 tooth won't usually work on the snowflakes.

-they use a different bolt patern.

-the 45 tooth is "taller" than the 36 tooth.

-the inside diameter on the 36 is too small for the hub of the snowflake, it won't fit over.

we noticed that when the 36 was set into the 45 it was almost the same height now.

heres what we did.

-all the teeth were cut off the 45. this should leave you wiith just a flat base.

-next we cut several notches into the base.

-at each notch we tack welded the 36tooth sprocket to our base.

-next use a drill to drill through the holes in the 45 tooth base and through the 36 tooth.

-then you'll have to grind out the inside of the 36 tooth so it'll fit over your hub on the snowflake.

-once this is all done just a teeny smidge needs to be machined off the back of the entire thing to make sure the height is exactly the same as the 45 tooth was originally(this is crucial to keeping your chainline straight).

good luck, i still didn't get a picture. i'll get all good angles and the sprocket on the rim, and the rim on the bike.

Re: 36 teeth on a snowflake.

Same here. Spokes are lighter, too.

Re: 36 teeth on a snowflake.

spokes ftw.

Re: 36 teeth on a snowflake.


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