best kit for an e50

i'm kitting my rigid and i wanted to know what is the best overall kit for an e50.

word to your mother.

Re: best kit for an e50

oh yeah... and i just want to know cylinder kit... not combination.. i'd check the spreadsheet if i wanted to know what everyone else is running.

i guess give me an overall grade based on performance, durability, and how finicky tuning is.

Re: best kit for an e50

I got a 65 polini that one pretty sick. then other bike I'm builting has a 70cc anthna kit. I'll got back it you on that. when it running

Re: best kit for an e50

it used to be polini but the price recently skyrocketed. so i'd have to say 65 metra if you are incuding price, otherwise polini.

Re: best kit for an e50

price isn't really important on this bike. i'm planning on putting a lot of money into it since the foxi runs perfect.

are the 80ccs a huge pain/not worth the extra displacement?

Re: best kit for an e50

80cc way to much to deal with, unless youre into that...

65cc polini, tencho estoril, and 16 phbg, 57mph!

Re: best kit for an e50

i'm really not sparing any expense on this one.

here's the plan i had so far

80cc metra (with the obvious port matching)

DMP crank

clutch performance rebuild

homoet 8p

21 mm PHGB

Re: best kit for an e50


Re: best kit for an e50

meh polini 4 pedal is sicker if ur gonna use an 8p that pipe sux.

if this is ur 1st kit going for th 80 is an unwise choice

Re: best kit for an e50

just for the tuning? or the amount of work that needs to go in to mount and match the cylinder properly?

Re: best kit for an e50


Re: best kit for an e50


Re: best kit for an e50

what kind of terrain are you riding? flat ground or hills?

i love my 80 cc gila monster! it was not hard to tune .it did take alot of time grinding out the case so the cylinder would slide in. i wish i would have gone with the gila to begin with.


Re: best kit for an e50

the whole thing about an 80metra being a "bad first kit" is horse shit. It's the same as all other kits besides making it fit the case and just buying the proper parts for it. My first two kits were the gila and the metra80.

Re: best kit for an e50

mike is right, it takes the same effort to tune any kit. the only thing with 80metras if you get the big port you'll have to add material on the case for the transfers(unless you have a korado case).

if your gonna go 80cc i'd go with the gila.

Re: best kit for an e50


Re: best kit for an e50

🇮🇹💦 Of the Loin /

fuck a metra, go gila. reedvalves. metra can suck it.

also polini is old school, gila is better

Re: best kit for an e50

i dont think you have a choice anymore, i heard the quit makeing the gila. ..... :(

Re: best kit for an e50

well this might turn into a wtb: 80cc gilla kit then...

i have about 55 years of combined mechanical engineering experience helping me kit this bike... so I don't think i'm going to have too much of a problem tuning it.

also in the works:

moped chassis dyno...

Re: best kit for an e50

Two-stroke tuning is counter-intuitive to people who are familiar with/used to automotive engine mechanics and performance. It's a whole different ball game.

Re: best kit for an e50

i'm saying generic mechanical engineering. unless i'm getting this whole science thing wrong... it's all physics right?

Re: best kit for an e50

tuning two strokes is not that different from tuning automotive engines, all the basics are still there, air/fuel,compression/spark. it's all there, the only difference is cam v.s port timing. It's an easy transition.


Re: best kit for an e50

and as far as metra v.s gila... I love them both equally (as with my simo and 8p pipes)

Re: best kit for an e50

cool. that's the big thing that i'm going to be trying to figure out is exhaust tuning and finding a carb that i like. i like the 21 phbg but if i can wrestle down a 24 mikuni, i think that'd be better to help the kit breath.

question. do these engines like back pressure?

Re: best kit for an e50

If it's your first time kitting something, Metra 80 is going to blow up on you, or not even work because you trashed your motor trying to port the hell out of it..

It's your call though. If you don't care about money go for Polini all the way...

Re: best kit for an e50

yeah basically what i'm going to do is take this dremel tool that i have lying around and just make every hole in that kit like twice as big right?

Re: best kit for an e50

i've read some of the most ignorant posts on this thread.

i asked for help... not lame doubting bro-types with nothing to say other then "you're going to blow it up because no one is as smart as me..."

thanks for the actual help from everyone who actually had something intelligent to say. i've studied this engine for about two weeks now... and i've read the warnings, studied the advantages and disadvantages of porting (matching/reshaping), and studied the work of a lot of port jobs.

i've got a few hills to contend with here in charlotte, but i'd say about 3/4 of my riding is flat land, so torque will be nice to have when i need it.

i have a source for an 80cc gilardoni kit sometime this week. think the available torque will be better than the metra?

Re: best kit for an e50


reed valves.

Re: best kit for an e50

alright. so now that i'm thoroughly convinced gilardoni is the way i want to go...

i'm going to go with a 21 phbg to help her breath...

I was thinkin either estoril or homoet 8p? any words of advice on the better exhaust for top end?

Re: best kit for an e50

lol at this thread.

80 metra small port is the way to go dude. lots of power, much easier to tune and more forgiving to fuckups. yes the gila is awesome but not that much more awesome.

the hard part is tuning a multi jet carb. reading up only helps a little. experience and knowing the sound of a 2 stroke is the only thing that really helps.

portmatching is not hard at all if you have any experience with power tools. especially if you have engineering experience!

dont mind the other people naysaying dude, the ambiguous nature of the most common question asked on these forums is"what kit should i get for my e50?"

you didnt give us much detail when you asked the question so we would just assume that you didnt do a search and you dont know much about mopeds.

even the best of us sieze kits while installing. thats why especially on your first kit, its a better idea to go with a cast iron cylinder like the metra. the polini and gilardoni are toast once you sieze due to the nickasil plating.

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