the Ecstacy, the agony; kitted Peugeot

I finally got my kitted 103 sorted (Malossi cast iron 70cc, Simi pipe, Dell 1515). Found a jet that worked, colder plug. Man, it rips, especially at the powerband! I got everything dialed, point gap, etc, did some test rides, what a feeling.

Since everything seemed so good, I decided to head for home. 12+ mile ride, my wife waiting for me (our 16th anniversary). About 1/2 way home, complete shutdown, out of the blue. Not a sieze, just complete loss of power.

Pulled the plug and grounded it, weak to no spark. The ugly Peugeot electrical gremlins have reared their heads. Well, even though I had to push 5 miles, i still have my memories...

Now I just need to figure out how to install the external condensor I bought a while back. Any suggestions are welcome.

Re: the Ecstacy, the agony; kitted Peugeot

take out the original condenser and wire the other one in "in-line" parallel or not, you will be fine. sounds like your internal hi-tension coil bit the dust.... try a puch coil.... should work fine.

Re: the Ecstacy, the agony; kitted Peugeot

sounds a lot like my kitted moby woes.

Good luck! French engineering is terrible!

Re: the Ecstacy, the agony; kitted Peugeot

How would I check the coil and condensor to determine if either is bad? I have a multimeter and an automotive meter.

Re: the Ecstacy, the agony; kitted Peugeot

Well you can check to make sure the internal coil is of sufficient resistance using a multimeter or if it has dead short internal. But as someone else pointed out, use a Puch coil and install a Puch HT and external condenser and you take a not all that reliable of bike at times and turn it into a very reliable bike.


Re: the Ecstacy, the agony; kitted Peugeot

yea a lot of the shorts won't show up in the high tension part of the coil with a VOM cause the higher voltage jumps, not needing physical contact. You will be very happy with Bosch magneto coil and an external high tension coil and you ought to use an external condensor also

Re: the Ecstacy, the agony; kitted Peugeot

the coil is dead.

Not worth testing, because they all do this. Just throw a bosch coil in there. off a sachs or puch (sachs used some other ignition systems so make sure it's a bosch). Replace the condenser while you're in there.

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