dellorto knock-off question

i know that dellorto jets dont fit is the knock-off carbs, but i was wondering if it would be possible to retap them to accept dellorto jets. are the threads on the knock-off jets bigger or smaller than on the dellorto jets?

Re: dellorto knock-off question

i got one of those knock offs a couple years back. I'm pretty sure the whole diameter for the threats was larger than real SHA's. So you wouldn't be able to bore the thread and re-tap it. As I recommend all the time, just get the real thing.

Re: dellorto knock-off question

yeah those chinese carbs work awesome for how cheap they are but its almost impossible to get jets for them

i had one of those and i ended up stuffing some jb weld in it and drilled it out and tapped it to fit delorto/mikuni jets

Re: dellorto knock-off question

when I ran that immitation carb I routinely screwed in real dellorto jets into it. the threads are definitely not correct, but the carb was so cheap I didnt care. it worked fine.

Re: dellorto knock-off question

i just ordered one, we'll see what happens.... anyone run a 14.14 on a batavus?

will that work?

Re: dellorto knock-off question

I just bored it out and jb welded a aluminum plug in. Drill and tap the aluminum, good as new.

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