goodbye encarwi, hello dell'orto

new dell'orto sha 15.15 carb and custom intake from motion left installed at long last

Re: goodbye encarwi, hello dell'orto

this carb definitely makes a huge difference. heres a little about my setup so far (still tinkering)

exhaust: techno boss performance pipe welded to large batavus header

sprockets: rear - 50t, front - 13t

misc: exhaust ported. intakes still stock

notes: this carb made an immediate, significant improvement on low end. starts faster, takes moderate inclines with more power. it comes with a 68 jet, but without intake porting that was too much for me, so i downsized to a 60. first plug chop indicates im running lean, so im going to step up the jet size to a 62 or 63 and check it out tomorrow. i thik once this is properly tuned, it is going to be a tremendous improvement.

total cost from MLM for the new carb, two cables, and custom intake (and shipping) is $175. worth it if youre an obsessive batavus tinkerer like myself.

Re: goodbye encarwi, hello dell'orto

what speeds are u reaching

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