9/16 folding pedals for tomos

I bought 9/16 folding pedals only to later be told by sales guy at scooterville that the pedals on the new tomos are 15mm not standard..so im screwed so to speak..however I recalled speaking to someone whether it was here or exactly @ CS for 1977mopeds...they said..yep 9/16's will fit...my question...Will they?

Re: 9/16 folding pedals for tomos

I've figured it out...okay..thanks guy @ 1977 sales desk...9/16 is the thread and 15mm is the size of the tapered bolt..got it...whew...was thinking I bought me some expensive pedals to use as paper weights

Re: 9/16 folding pedals for tomos

BootyClap Ninja /

folding pedals = awesome.

great to save space in a rally car.

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