puch boss exhaust

sounds terrific and added some speed... anyone else get white smoke? what caused that?

Re: puch boss exhaust

Any better than a bullet or bi-turbo?

Re: puch boss exhaust

A boss on my case matched 65 metra w/15 bing has a notable amount more torque than the Bullet I had on it, with perhaps a top speed addition, but it is hard to tell without having used the GPS on it. I like it so much, I'm ordering aChrome Boss to replace the Bullet on the bike I was going to use it with.

No smoke, for me, though.

Re: puch boss exhaust

Thanks. Any others?

Re: puch boss exhaust

Tha FishSticks /

white smoke just the pipe getting hot for the first time, shouldnt worry bout it.

Re: puch boss exhaust

my response from an earlier post on the boss:

the boss is best puch pipe but i think i should clarify exactly why

the boss is the best simply because i fulfills all desires one wants from a moped pipe:

it is very inexpensive..$60

it beats all all the other cheapo pipes in every aspect

it looks stock and doesn’t attract unwanted attention

IMO its a clean and attractive design

it clears the pedals

it clears the ground during hard (i mean hard) cornering

it sounds good

it is readily available

it is not overly pretentious

its i easy to install and bolts right up

the powerband is flexible to stock or heavily modded

the powerband is uncapped ie if the motor can make the rpms and hp the boss won’t hold it back

the power is explosive in delivery and it delivers earlier than all the "super pipes"

overall power is in the same class as a 6/8p and simonini even tho the bos is the runt of the litter in power and size

Sure there are more powerful pipes with a higher top end, there are pipes with better accl. there are pipes that look more "racer", there are pipes that will pull the motor out further. but nothing beats the well roundedness of the boss, if its a daily driver or a sleeper, go with the boss u won’t be disappointed.

Re: puch boss exhaust

Elliot....now THAT is an endorsement, you've won me over. I'm going to replace the crappy stock pipe on my Morini for that Boss.

Re: puch boss exhaust

I just put a boss on my ped and it sounds awesome, like a million dollars LOL

I also have white smoke but am not worried about that since I read the earlier comment.

I noticed one thing though that the centerstand hits the pipe when I put the stand up, I didn't realize that and it hit the pipe, now I know to put it up gently. Does anybody know if that is normal? It's on a Maxi btw.

Oh, does anyone know what jetting to use with a 65 cc metrakit, boss pipe and 16 mm dellorto carb?

Re: puch boss exhaust

Alright. I just brought it up cause a girl here tried against an Estoril on a Puch Polini and said the low end was worse and she didin't thing the high was any better. Regardless I will be trying one out

Re: puch boss exhaust

I have an 88 jet with my newly installed metra 65, 15mm bing and boss for break in. It's still a bit on the rich size for what it's worth. Slightly different carb i know. But it's running fine and the plug looks great. I plan on getting a 19mm dellorto for this set up in the very near future.

Re: puch boss exhaust

It's bolts up easier and clears everything.. 2 really nice points. Oh, and Snords she still a little so so on the pipe. :-)

Re: puch boss exhaust

mine had flaming back fires! i loved it while i had it

Re: puch boss exhaust

the kickstand will hit pretty much all puch aftermarket pipes (except the simo and custom stuff that puts the pipe into your seat lol)

the solution to this is to bolt on a small slab of metal between the kickstand and where it rest when retracted. Using one of the kickstand mount bolts and position that metal slab so that when the kick stand flys up it is between it and the mount. Kinda hard to understand.

so u mount it right where the kickstand mounts. now the kickstand has 2 tabs on it that rest upon the kickstand mount and dictate where the kick stand rest in the up position. if you bolt that metal slab inbetween one tab and the mount when the kick stand flys up the tabs will hit the slab and stop it from fully retracting upwards (only like 1") this is just enough so that it no longer bangs the pipe when you flip it up.... get it?

Re: puch boss exhaust

Where to find a Boss these days?

Re: puch boss exhaust

You got any pics of that set up elliot?

Re: puch boss exhaust

My main concern is less banging into the pipe when i take it off the stand and more bottoming out on bumps and slightly aggressive turns. The ground clearance of the stand is shit after installing a boss. Nice pipe, just wish they've bent the header a bit farther left to let the stand retract all the way.

Re: puch boss exhaust

i didn't have any clearance issues.

Re: puch boss exhaust

Me either, it just barely touches the pipe so it pretty much clears almost perfectly. It really was a breeze to mount.


Re: puch boss exhaust

sry no pics, im in the uk w/o my bikes

Re: puch boss exhaust

Weird. The left side of my center stand doesn't clear the boss by a good inch now, leaving it angled down with about 2 - 2.5 inches clearance between it and the road. Wondering now if it has to do with the fact that my bike is a 2 speed. Wider center stand perhaps? Mounted in a slightly different spot relative to the exhaust? I'll have to check it out.

Re: puch boss exhaust

lee's anus is leefungchowOG /

just put on my boss, from a proma gp. my low end suffered a LITTLE but not enough for me to care about. top speed faster. quiter. yes i like it, i'll give it some time, i've tried one before and didn't like it. one more chance to win me over.

Re: puch boss exhaust

I looked for 'puch boss' 'tecno boss' 'boss exhaust' and could not find a vendor online. Where are you purchasing these?

Re: puch boss exhaust

got one from treathq on ebay

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