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i have a 77 maxi, no kit, 14mm stock carb, the jet it came with, still got the airbox on it, and recently added a leovince pipe. with the new pipe it makes a little more power but most of it is near the top end. if im sitting at a dead stop, it takes off really slow. it winds out around thirty and im happy with that, i just want a little (i just don't want to pedal) more power from dead stops. jet numbers? airbox ideas? the intake manifold is getting modifyed soon, i plan to smooth out the little ridge created by the carb sliding over it. i dont wanna kit it or nothing, not trying to race this bike. it's just my retro cruiser.

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More compression and tune your clutch. Both will add to your bottom end. Remove head gasket to improve your compression slightly. Then pull your clutch and tighten the screws on the clutch. This will make the clutch engage at high RPM which will improve take off

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take the little metal gaskets out? i've heard of putting tin foil in there but nothing? head on head? that just sounds scary. show me where there is a picture of a disassembled clutch, the e5o's simple enuf i'd go in there. i've had good results w/ jetting and airbox stuff on other bikes. shoulda said this in the beginning: stock gearing on bike.

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You don't have to really "disassemble" your clutch. You will need a puller though. You just take the cover off of that side of the engine and you'll see the clutch bell. there is a retaining ring that you remove to get to the inside of the bell. You then use the puller to pop out the clutch. Tighten the screws on the outside of the clutch shoes (the screws right above the springs) about 1 turn in and put everything back together.

"Here":http://www.mopedriders.org/html/manuals/puch/sm/puchsm.htm is a link to the manual on MRAs website.

Look at pages 32 and 33. They show you how the clutch comes apart.

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i'm gonna manufacture a center stand to fit around leovince. annybody want one?

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