Best Speed Kit for Magnum MKII

Alright, I got a puch techno boss exhaust pipe, a bing 15mm carb, and a high flow performance air box all on a 1981 puch magnum mkII. I am still working on it right now, it doesn't wanna change gears on me but I think thats the tranny and should be an easy fix. Once I get it running up to par I wanna toss a speed kit on it. Any suggestions on which one and anything else I need?

Re: Best Speed Kit for Magnum MKII

ZA50 Tranny is NOT a easy fix, but it sounds like you dont have much torqe with that pipe, look for a new old stock 14mm intake manifold, my 79 MKII had a 12, i dunno about yours.

plausibe it doesent have enough ummmphh to get into 2nd gear.


Re: Best Speed Kit for Magnum MKII

Polini Polini Polini

Re: Best Speed Kit for Magnum MKII

Dan's right.

The Polini is simply the best smaller bore (under 80cc) speed kit made for the Puch engines.

A nice 19mm carb on there with a quad reed block and you got yourself a 50mph+ ped.

Um.....get that tranny working PERFECTLY before you kit that bitch or you will be buying a new engine!

Re: Best Speed Kit for Magnum MKII

Don't worry about the tranny, i have tango'd with one before in a similar fashion. I am just looking to the future, I am not gonna buy this kit for a while, not until I am sure everything on my bike is perfect and fantastic.

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