peugeoeoegueoeout masterssss


so i gota 103 with the 16 dell and toommsos reeds. Umm, exhaust is derescricted.

Had a massive air leak somewhere and i just dipped the whole carb in rtv and it went away. and looking closer the carb itself was cracked. strange, faulty carb?

it goes good but like doesnt all the way go good. i think its still lean.

gaahhhh, simple switch, i dunno maybe im just dumb.

oh i also have a bh5s, too hot?

Re: peugeoeoegueoeout masterssss

What kind of intake is on it?

Re: peugeoeoegueoeout masterssss

BootyClap Ninja /

....dip your whole carb in RTV?

I can't even imagine doing something like this.

Make sure your timing is right. Also what jet are you running on the 16mm?

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