spill it, anybody tried to build one, know of a shop that can handle such a low output. I thought one of youse guys built one, badly. I'm gonna keep reading.

lemme know

Re: Dynos

Yea, that would be nice. But Im guessing if you put a moped on the dynos designed for a motorcycle, you would be running flat our screaming, and the screen would read please start engine to begin dyno run. And those Dynos are off by about 3-5 hp. So it would not be possible to get a reading. haha jk.

But it would be cool to know how much our bikes are putting out HP wise.

Re: Dynos

Flat out*

Re: Dynos

Ya really need an Eddy-Current dyno to measure output on small displacement motors.

AF1 out of Texas has one link they have a lot of experience tuning small displacement two strokes since they use to have a RS80 race bike. That and Micha hand build the motor that was in the current world speed record holding 50cc streamliner.

If I remember correctly someone on MA had there Magnum with a polini tuned there as well, Turned the Dyno just fine.

Re: Dynos

ghost riders have one, never fine tuned it though. ran outa time.

Re: Dynos

there are rumors of mopedwarehouse having one.

Re: Dynos

The assholes at the harley dealership wouldnt even let me see if I could get a reading on their dyno.

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