15mm Daelim intake

will it fit a tomos a35?

anyone have a pic?

how hard is it to bore out... probably could answer that myself if i had a pic...

Re: 15mm Daelim intake

It would be pretty hard to bore out significantly due to the bend, but its not too bad to begin with. Pretty good for a stock bore A-35.

Re: 15mm Daelim intake

what about these intakes manufactured by Polini for the peugot and Puch kits.

just a thought its a 4 bolt intake, wonder if it can bolt up- and or be easily modified.


Re: 15mm Daelim intake

whats the inside diameter?

Re: 15mm Daelim intake

I think its 14 or 15mm, the polini intake is the wrong angle and the polini 4 pedal Peugeot reed kit(not the one shown) is at least the right bolt pattern. You might run into frame clearance problems with the polini reed kit and will probably have to fabricate an intake manifold for it to put the carb somewhere with enough room.

Re: 15mm Daelim intake

the daelim intake is 15mm inner diameter, so you dont really need to bore it unless your putting something larger than a 16.16 SHA on. It bolts on perfect, but you will have to go to a hardware store to get a longer bolt for that tall corner. And you will need to plug the oil injection if you dont use it of course.

The other issue you may come into with the daelim is that since it stick out left, depending on what air filter you have, your pedals may hit the air filter. I had to use the SHA high flow airbox that came with the SHA to solve this issue.

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