vespa grande pipe sound volume

i've got a '79 grande deluxe with 13.13 carb, simonini circuit pipe, malossi 64cc kit, and 1:9 racing gears.

it goes fast and i'm overall happy with performance, but the volume of the moped is significantly higher than stock.

i used to have the polini long country pipe which was a bit quieter.

was wondering what others thought of the volume of their mopeds. james, if you read this, i know you have a leo vince does it's volume compare with long country polini?

Re: vespa grande pipe sound volume

its suppose to be loud and the long country is a shitty pipe thats why it doesn't make much noise

And you mean 9:1 gears right

how fast you going?

Re: vespa grande pipe sound volume

yeah, 9:1 i guess.

not exactly sure what my top speed is.

when going fast it maxes out the speedometer (needle hits the edge past the 40 mark). plus i'm not sure how accurate it is.

if i had to guess, i'd say i go about 45-50 tops. the gears made a big difference for cruising top speed.

Re: vespa grande pipe sound volume

The Leo is noisy, but not in the extreme. Ive never compared it side by side against a Long Country, but it's louder. I don't find it annoying, and it seems like the noise doesnt really carry that far. One of the things you can do to make it quieter is to try and make the airbox quieter by boxing it in somewhat. I guess you could set something up with the subframe if you wanted to try it, just dampen that turbulence a bit. Also make sure you get a good seal between the pipe and cylinder. Colin suggested copper-bearing RTV/permatex and said he has had good results. I will be trying that soon.

Re: vespa grande pipe sound volume

the permatex sounds like a good idea. the pipe once fell off (i forgot to tighten the bolt). i recently since tightened it though I didn't check the seal. i have felt heat blowing, on my right foot when on the pedal sometimes, i'm not sure if it's an air leak or heat convection from the cylinder.

anyway, i just ordered the stuff and will give it a try.

i don't see how the boxing in the air filter would reduce the sound. is that something that creates a lot of noise?

Re: vespa grande pipe sound volume

It's been my experience that switching to a hi-flow filter increases engine noise substantially. I am not sure if it's possible to mitigate noise without a performance hit, I have never been too worried about it as my noise has never reached what I would call a ridiculous level.

The air on your foot could be either exhaust or it could be just the flywheel fan, as air is directed by that engine cover towards the right through the cylinder cooling blades. I know mine leaks, though, cause I get oil on my pipe.

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