which ninja for my moby

i have a moby with a dellorto setup from treats and want some opinions on pipes, ninja G2, G3 or doppler, the bike is not port matched but may be some day when i have time, so its basically stock with a carb and possible porting.

Whats the general concensus?



Re: which ninja for my moby

which ones can you get?

Re: which ninja for my moby

None. Your stock av7 motor will not push out enough revs to get the potential out of a fancy pipe.

If you are going to play with the cylinder ports and their timing to get that sucker up into the mid 40's, the Ninja G3 is the only pipe which you listed that will work with what the av7 and produce. The g2 is going to be about as good as stock no matter what you do with the stock cylinder and the doppler is the same way but it's power band is a little wider, still not wide enough for a av7 stock cylinder.

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