1975 or 1978 DeLuxe Califfo Value?

This picture isn’t the greatest, but I’m trying to find what the value of this may be. I’m pretty sure it’s a 1975 or 1978 model DeLuxe Califfo and it’s in pretty damn good shape! I can touch up a few things. If anyone can help me put a value to this, I would be most greatful!! I want to keep it and I’d like to fix it up a little, it’s important to me that I preserve the value and I want to make sure that doing such "touch ups" would not ruin the value. Please email me at olipacholi@yahoo.com or olipacholi@gmail.com w/the subject DeLuxe Califfo. Any information would help! Thank you!!!!


Re: 1975 or 1978 DeLuxe Califfo Value?

iono about the market in cali but in chicago i've seen them go for 700 bucks

Why is this in performance tuning?

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