tuning a clutch

how do you tune a puch 2-speed clutch(za50). i'm assuming it is not at all like a 1-speed (e50).is there any info on line or somthing. thank you Zac

Re: tuning a clutch

try to contact chris paz from the creatures of the loin

he has some tips.

jimmi and G do as well.

Re: tuning a clutch

not at all, like a one speed

you don't really tune them, you fucking have to fuck with them way too much.

What do you want to do? if its getting a later shift, its all in the second gear clutch.

the easiest thing is to get a set of clutchs out of a magnum two speed, the one with the oil injector and install them in your bike backwards, which means take them out, flip them around and put in backwards. This will delay the shift to about 30 if your lucky.

Or take out second gear clutch and put a tighter spring in , mini bike ones I heard work well, but takes some machining in a lathe, never done that. Or take the clutch completely apart and drill as many holes in the metal slot where the spring goes to lighten it up, putting it back together is tricky and taking apart is tricky,. so is drilling it. but you get another 4-5mph shift out of that.

At the end of the day, just flipping them is the best because you get a later stall and you don't blow your engine up.


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