ciao variator questions

I'm looking for a better variator for my ciao. It's unkitted and has a bravo rear wheel. Was running the variator from the bravo, but it was in bad shape and broke on me. (The plate rounded off and no longer hold on the pin) I need a new one. I heard that the malossi doesn't work as well unless you're kitted. Has anyone tried the 8 roller setup that zippy is selling?

Or does anyone have a used variator that's still in good shape?

Any advice?

Re: ciao variator questions

The malosi doesn't even work that well unless your kit is over 60cc the weights that are made for it suck

I have a modified stock one if your intrested. Shaved the brass fitting off and its all good but its a 6 roller set up. The 8 will give you better low and mid but the top will be the same.

I have a polini and weight wise there is tons of them way more than malossi.

Let me know if you want the stock one

Re: ciao variator questions

there is nothing wrong with the weights that are made for the malossi; it's just that they come with only one set of weights, and the specific kits available here are weighed for tuned out engines. Malossi weights are not readily available, but any 13x16 weights you can get at scooter shops work (polini, leovince, olympia, etc.).

The polini is cheaper and comes with two sets of weights so you can mix and match to many options.

You can get the same low and mid with the 6 roller as with the eight if you lighten up the weights. It's all about the weights.

Re: ciao variator questions

I would advise against the polini read the thread Malossi vs Polini variator thread to understand why.

Do as macelius said just get new weights for the malossi

Re: ciao variator questions

Yeah I put a Malossi on my Grande with stock top end, a Leo pipe and a 13.13 and filter, and I had to increase the weights by .31g each, but after that they were golden. It was a noticable improvement, even over the cut stock one I had.

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