Changing gear oil

I had purchased a 2008 Tomos Nitro/50 cc moped a few weeks ago and it is ready to have the gear oil changed. The engine oil I already changed.

Here's my problem....I rode my moped a couple miles to get the gear oil warmed up. Once the oil drained, there was only about 8-10 oz that came out. My manual states that there should be approx. 25 oz.

My manual shows no diagram as to where the infusion bolt and drain bolt are located, but it appears to me that they are on the left side on this moped towards the rear wheel. With the infusion bolt,(where I add the gear oil) slightly above the drain bolt.

Could there be an error in my Tomos Manual, or am I just doing something wrong?

Any feedback would be GREATLY appreciated!!!



Re: Changing gear oil

Sorry dude, the Nitro is a Tomos Scooter. You might have more luck at

Re: Changing gear oil

from what i hear, you loose it ovcer time through the petals because they are not sealed perfectly.

25 oz. sounds like alot too.

the bolts on my a35 are on the right hand side and there is one under the air box (fill), one in the middle (level check), and one on the bottom (empty)

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