Puch phbgtuning (again)

Hey everyone, ive been asking a lot of questions here lately, and thanks to everyone who has helped...

Ok no to the problem, im basically just having trouble tuning my 16mm phbg dellorto carb on my puch with polini kit, estoril pipe,

it will start right up if i turn the choke on, idle kinda of shotty, then after about 2 mins of having the choke off, it will bog and die (pull the throttle, makes it die even quicker)

Checked everything for air leaks, tightened everything possible, im guessing it doesn't have anything to do with the jet, because i did search this before i posted and read that the jet has to do with the last 1/4 of the throttle, so now im stumped at what i should try.

any help?

Re: Puch phbgtuning (again)

what idle jet, what main jet, where is your needle?

the main jet does have some effect on the whole throttle range. the last 1/4 is where is all main jet. you can't just stick a 125 in a setup that needs an 80 and then be confused when your bike bogs out.

Re: Puch phbgtuning (again)

i have the jet that came in it, i need to check

my main jet is 74 and my heedle is on the lowest notch, so as rich as it goes

Re: Puch phbgtuning (again)

adjust your mixture screw

Re: Puch phbgtuning (again)

out or in?

Re: Puch phbgtuning (again)

you can see for yourself. put your bike on the stand while it idles and adjust the air mixture screw. but for quick reference in=lean.

Re: Puch phbgtuning (again)

the dellorto manual has very specific instructions for how to adjust your mixture screw. search and download that pdf and get reading.

the clifnotes version is get your bike to full running temp and put it up on the stand. turn up your idle to a little higher than normal, using the idle screw, then adjust the mixture screw in and out until you get the most even running position.

then, and correct me if im wrong, if you have to take it in to a position less than one full turn out, you need to get a smaller idle jet, and if you have to go to a position over 3 turns out you need a bigger idle jet.

ive heard different things about that last part, like its <.5 turn or >3.5 turns, but you get the idea.

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