engine cuts off

ok, I just got my first moped earlier today. it's a vespa grande. They guy i bought it from said it had been sitting around for some time (like 20 years) so the gas and old were messing up the tank. I got home and was all excited to ride it, but half way through my journey the engine began to shut off and on. I pulled the throttle and it finally just shut off completely. I think it has to do with the old gas. I refilled it with gasoline and oil, i also added a little engine cleaning fluid. I don't know to much about mopeds and was wandering what might be the cause of this. ALSO! how do i make it go faster?? it goes about 15 now. and in dallas thats ganna get me killed! so any suggestions? thanks

Re: engine cuts off

your probably going to want to dump the gas and clean carb completly. if you have a fuel filter your deffinatly going to need one. if you dont have one get one from a local dirtbike shop and install it.

you want a running ped before you think about making it go fast

Re: engine cuts off

I'd start by takin a look at everything from the gas tank to the intake because you probably aren't getting enough gas. If there's rust in the gas tank search around on here and in the wiki to see how to deal with it because you dont want it gummin up the works.

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